The Censorship of Science

It is a sad day when you have to sit down and write a Post about corruption in science. In my naive and idealistic way I thought science was about enlightenment, debate, the fair competition of ideas and promotion of understanding and that the ‘Scientific Method’ was widely accepted as the gold standard for exploring…… Continue reading The Censorship of Science

Great News! Great Danes!

Well its not often that you have your faith in human nature restored, but that happened a few days ago. If you’ve been following my musings you will know that my faith in most professional scientists, particularly Government, University and Institutional ones is very low. The performance of the UK Pandemic Modelling teams is a…… Continue reading Great News! Great Danes!

Stop Science being Strangled by Politics

We DO live in exciting times don’t we! One of the main reasons this Contrarian started this site was to expose the naked fraud and censorship being imposed on Science. Poor science has been the battered victim of the Pandemic, mainly due to a Globalist endeavour by Policitians, Oligarchs and Big Pharma working in tandem…… Continue reading Stop Science being Strangled by Politics

Covid-19 : How Many Deaths Was That?

A recent Freedom Of Information (FOI) request [FOI/2021/3240] to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) asking how many deaths have been due solely to Covid-19? So this excludes deaths of patients with co-morbidities like heart problems and obesity, quite common in those who died as their average age was 84 years. The surprising answer was…… Continue reading Covid-19 : How Many Deaths Was That?

Covid-19 : Hello Omicron – Back to Normal

Oh yes, and proof that Lockdowns make things worse The rapid spread of the Omicron strain has thrown up an interesting opportunity to compare the effectiveness of Lockdowns in Scotland and England. A recent video by the reliable Dr John Campbell shows a simple graph of the spread in each Country. During the period of…… Continue reading Covid-19 : Hello Omicron – Back to Normal

Covid-19 : Vaccine Passes Don’t Work

Well, that’s just one of the startling things that come out of this interview with Prof Cyril Cohen, an immunology scientist advising the Israeli Government. Israel was initially thought to be doing well, using draconian Lockdowns, closing their borders and vaccinating a high proportion of the population. Even so Covid-19 infections continued and they have…… Continue reading Covid-19 : Vaccine Passes Don’t Work

The Great Lockdown Blunder

In previous Pandemics there were no Lockdowns. The vulnerable were isolated, serious cases in Sanatoriums, there was one locally just outside Cranham. In this Pandemic, for reasons no doubt connected with Davos inspired The Great Reset project, the strategy for tackling the Pandemic was based on “The Science”. This seemed to consist of the collective…… Continue reading The Great Lockdown Blunder

Great Barrington was right!

Well we have a tsunami of economic grief and millions of deaths world-wide based on the poor advice of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation. They advised against relying on Natural Immunity as a contributor to managing the Pandemic and by changing their official definitions of an epidemic/pandemic pushed all…… Continue reading Great Barrington was right!