Stark Naked: The Woke Reformations

David Starkey is an historian, an academic, a commentator, a writer and a presenter of wonderfully insightful programs which make sense of events and situations by framing them in an historical context. He speaks plain English, and he speaks his mind. The Establishment Wokes hate him because his penetrating spotlight reveals their intellectual fragility and…… Continue reading Stark Naked: The Woke Reformations

Climate Change – Nothing To Worry About …

This Posts is based on the work of Dr John Christy who is a well established scientist, an expert in using radar from satellites to measure the temperature of the atmosphere. In this wonderfully clear presentation he demonstrates based on measurements that the propaganda on Climate Change regarding temperature rise, sea rise, hurricanes, tornados, disappearing…… Continue reading Climate Change – Nothing To Worry About …

The Censorship of Science

It is a sad day when you have to sit down and write a Post about corruption in science. In my naive and idealistic way I thought science was about enlightenment, debate, the fair competition of ideas and promotion of understanding and that the ‘Scientific Method’ was widely accepted as the gold standard for exploring…… Continue reading The Censorship of Science

How Woke Works and Why it’s Wrong

I just watched a clear interview with Calvin Robinson by Dr. Philip Kiszely in the series “The War On Our History – A Cultural Revolution”. You can find it at the end of this Post. It does us all the great service of taking “Wokeism” apart term by term, concept by concept, assumption by assumption and…… Continue reading How Woke Works and Why it’s Wrong

COPout #3: Liquid Natural Gas Hypocrisy

Apologies for the lull of these COPout alerts, the spirit has been willing but the flesh has been a bit on the weak side … don’t worry there is plenty of ammunition for future Posts. In the aftermath of Mr Putin’s new concept of logic LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, has become all the rage these…… Continue reading COPout #3: Liquid Natural Gas Hypocrisy

What Resilience? #1

British Telecom are about to turn off the communication link of last resort for thousands, if not millions of people in the UK. And with the OFCOM’s Regulator’s blessing!! Complete and utter Madness. The existing system works with analogue audio and phone power coming down each phone line from the exchange. When there is a…… Continue reading What Resilience? #1

Climate Con #3 : A Tale of Two Olympics – Pure Propaganda

The Climate Con machine has really excelled itself with the Olympics in Bejing 2022. The Chinese Communist Party decided to create the Winter Olympic near to Beijing, so convenient for everyone. No matter that the location was in a desert (less to clear) and had a climate normally without rain or snow in winter (a…… Continue reading Climate Con #3 : A Tale of Two Olympics – Pure Propaganda