Omicron: Oh yes it is – Oh no it isn’t !

Well the Government is still determined to scare the hell out of the population with the new pantomime ogre The OMICRON VARIANT. Their scientists are once again way off with their ‘modelling’ which as usual is worst-case even though this is incredibly unlikely to happen in reality for reasons explained in the video. So should…… Continue reading Omicron: Oh yes it is – Oh no it isn’t !

Welcome to BlueJazz Land !

BlueJazz is an umbrella term for musical things I’ve been involved in. The recordings you’ll find here were made over a period of more than 50 years, one day I’ll get it right … You can find other Recordings in the Categories Music/Coachmen and Music/Cake-Waking-Babies. Music/Backing-Tracks has some tracking tracks for the lead sheets in…… Continue reading Welcome to BlueJazz Land !

BlueJazz Archive

BlueJazz is the umbrella for my own recordings in a jazz style. It consists of performances made at Stroud Jazz and in France at various summer schools. Thanks to Sara Colman and Nia Lynn for their advice and guidance on vocal technique and performance. Also to the host of musicians who intrepidly interpreted my charts…… Continue reading BlueJazz Archive

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