Queries and Answers ?!

Welcome to the Queries and Answers page. Sometimes people ask for opinions and/or advice for a particular problem or issue. So how to help them and possibly help others too?

Well thats what Queries and Answers are all about. Each Post is the answer to a query. Sometimes it may take several Posts to work towards solving a problem or providing enough information.

Each Post will outline the query and then provide a response to it. Feedback can be given via the Comment box at the end of the Post.

  • Q&A #5: How can I get the most out of Exams ?
    There has been a lot of hype about taking Exams recently due to the disruption caused by the Covid panic over the last 2 years. There is just no need to be worried about taking exams as long as you realise what they are about and how to do the best you can with what … Read more
  • Q&A #4 : How Can I Improve My Self Confidence?
    Query from UKP : I keep running out of confidence at work and at home and particularly if I want to do something new. How can I get over this? Answer : Hi UKP, here are some ideas to get you started, all involve practicing a few simple skills. Don’t try them all at once, … Read more
  • Q&A #3 : What I Learned from the Swiss
    Query from AN : You worked with the Swiss in Switzerland a lot, why ? Answer : That’s a tricky query. On the one hand it started by serendipity but once I’d worked with the Swiss I found that my mindset was in some strange way complementary but different to theirs. Fortunately it was productive … Read more
  • Q&A #2 : What is Important for Success?
    Query from MGF: What is important for success? Answer : That’s a very tricky and personal question, ultimately it depends on a host of things, like having a vision and the determination to realise it. The best I can do is to answer this in a general way by focusing on … People’s Basic Traits … Read more
  • Bass Playing with Better Timing
    Here are some tips for better timekeeping on gigs: Always Remember Your FunctionAs the bass player we have 3 main functions – to provide the harmonic anchor to the chord form of the tune/song – to provide the timing/groove reference and cues for the band whilst complementing the drummer – to provide a natural continuity … Read more