Climate Change – Nothing To Worry About …

This Posts is based on the work of Dr John Christy who is a well established scientist, an expert in using radar from satellites to measure the temperature of the atmosphere. In this wonderfully clear presentation he demonstrates based on measurements that the propaganda on Climate Change regarding temperature rise, sea rise, hurricanes, tornados, disappearing…… Continue reading Climate Change – Nothing To Worry About …

The Censorship of Science

It is a sad day when you have to sit down and write a Post about corruption in science. In my naive and idealistic way I thought science was about enlightenment, debate, the fair competition of ideas and promotion of understanding and that the ‘Scientific Method’ was widely accepted as the gold standard for exploring…… Continue reading The Censorship of Science

COPout #3: Liquid Natural Gas Hypocrisy

Apologies for the lull of these COPout alerts, the spirit has been willing but the flesh has been a bit on the weak side … don’t worry there is plenty of ammunition for future Posts. In the aftermath of Mr Putin’s new concept of logic LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, has become all the rage these…… Continue reading COPout #3: Liquid Natural Gas Hypocrisy

Lockdowns Don’t Save Lives – But Do Have Massive Costs

Johns Hopkins University in the USA have just published (Jan 2022) a research paper which has caused quite a stir A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality This is a paper that focuses on the economic factors rather than medical factors affecting mortality. Its main conclusions are as follows:”Overall,…… Continue reading Lockdowns Don’t Save Lives – But Do Have Massive Costs

Great News! Great Danes!

Well its not often that you have your faith in human nature restored, but that happened a few days ago. If you’ve been following my musings you will know that my faith in most professional scientists, particularly Government, University and Institutional ones is very low. The performance of the UK Pandemic Modelling teams is a…… Continue reading Great News! Great Danes!

Stop Science being Strangled by Politics

We DO live in exciting times don’t we! One of the main reasons this Contrarian started this site was to expose the naked fraud and censorship being imposed on Science. Poor science has been the battered victim of the Pandemic, mainly due to a Globalist endeavour by Policitians, Oligarchs and Big Pharma working in tandem…… Continue reading Stop Science being Strangled by Politics

The Great Lockdown Blunder

In previous Pandemics there were no Lockdowns. The vulnerable were isolated, serious cases in Sanatoriums, there was one locally just outside Cranham. In this Pandemic, for reasons no doubt connected with Davos inspired The Great Reset project, the strategy for tackling the Pandemic was based on “The Science”. This seemed to consist of the collective…… Continue reading The Great Lockdown Blunder

The Great Reset – Have You Had Enough Yet?

You may have heard of Davos, a village in Switzerland where all the “elite” Oligarchs and Politicians meet every February to decide our fate, or so they think. It’s more or less the same crowd who jetted into COP 26 in Glasgow in December 2021 – better timing for Christmas Shopping but the wrong venue…… Continue reading The Great Reset – Have You Had Enough Yet?

ClimateCon #2 Climate Propaganda: Data Fraud and Abuse Using Fear

Did you know that currently we have the highest Arctic Sea Ice coverage since 2003? Also that the harrowing ‘Polar Bears Starvation’ story was a carefully choreographed hoax ? The main cause of stress to the bear’s population was by culling for furs; now that’s been stopped the Polar Bear’s population has recovered rapidly. Surprise!…… Continue reading ClimateCon #2 Climate Propaganda: Data Fraud and Abuse Using Fear