Oh dear, poor old science has taken a real battering now that Governments and Institutions (like NASA) have decided to corrupt it for their own purposes. So welcome to the science category where posts will all be based against the absolute rigour of the Scientific Method. Briefly this entails having an insight into how something works (a theory) then doing real experiments to measure data (results) and attempt to verify that your original insight was correct (validation and conclusions). This elegant process has been the basis of scientific understanding and wealth creation for millenia. So we will expose its abuse and the sometimes deliberately science that pervades of lives.

There are plenty of examples!

Topics will include detail on the method and how it can filter out nonsense and refine the truth. Sadly the Peer Review system by which the quality of science has been judged in the past has been corrupted. It has been taken over by gangs of ‘clique scientists’ who review each others work in quiet collaboration – either to push an Agenda or to increase their chances of being funded. As with ‘fake news’ we have always had ‘fake science’. We now have quite open subversion of science by Governments and Oligarchs mostly to manipulate the population (eg covid policies) or make vast amounts of ‘profit’ (eg vaccine demand and supply).

All this leads to massive abuses of power (eg the European Commission attempting to ‘harmonise’ the totalitarian approach to vaccinate all citizens of the European Union). Coercion on a grand scale.

As the Chinese curse goes “may you live in interesting times”. 

We will shine an unadulterated scientific light onto these dark pools of excess to see what lies under the covers, and the possible motives and who gains and who looses (usually you!).

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