Welcome to the Energy Category. What a rich vain of delusion and nonsense we can find here. The objective is to find a balanced  mix of resilient low pollution alternatives to fossil fuels , including of course fossil fuels for the forseeable future. The fossil fuel industries are the whipping boys in the ‘Great Climate Con’ arena. We’ll be commenting on how to transition to a better mix of energy production systems. These include fossil fuels, wind based generation, solar based generation (after all the sun powers EVERYTHING and made the wind and fossil fuels). Then there are nuclear fusion and fission reactors, tricky area – just ask the German gas guzzlers and tokomak fusion enthusiasts, so many shattered dreams … Remember Zeta in the 1950’s, happy days. ZETA stood for Zero Energy Thermonuclear Apparatus – how true.

The poor relatives is water made of hydrogen and oxygen, it will be a focus of attention. Water is the only truly recyclable source of convenient low pollution energy via hydrogen. When hydrogen is used in the combustion engine or fuel cell battery the waste product is water. Hence the push to find natural biological processes to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. Et voila, solar powered batteries in the form of compressed hydrogen … so that’s and example of Blue Sky thinking, also a topic here.

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