Covid-19 : Hello Omicron – Back to Normal

Oh yes, and proof that Lockdowns make things worse

The rapid spread of the Omicron strain has thrown up an interesting opportunity to compare the effectiveness of Lockdowns in Scotland and England. A recent video by the reliable Dr John Campbell shows a simple graph of the spread in each Country. During the period of measurement Scotland has been in Lockdown and England hasn’t. Surprisingly (to some), the normalised number of cases in Scotland was twice that in England. So much for Lockdown.
The people in Scotland must have been very very patient to put up with the dictats of Ms Sturgeon.

Time is up for ‘booster shots’ too, medical opinion is gradually waking up to the fact that there is a diminishing return the more shots you have over the basic two. Also with the Omicron strain it is so infectious (but mild acting) that it will quickly become pervasive everywhere, with the advantage that Natural Immunity will be acquired very widely in the population, this leads to Herd Immunity which, in turn, causes the epidemic to collapse. So nature has provided the best solution. Viruses tend to weaken as they mutate, otherwise they would kill off all their hosts and so die themselves.

The video here is by Dr John Campbell, he likes to reason with himself out loud. That’s handy as we can see the way he is interpreting the data and how he reaches his conclusions.
What a contrast with the robotic Civil Service ‘Scientists’ !

Dr John Campbell on the Effects of Omicron

If you just want to see the figures on spread and severity of infection then start at 2 minutes in.
Now that we just have an endemic (continuing low level) disease
outbreaks will become more consistent and predictable, just like flu.
The vaccine manufactures won’t loose heart, they now get to supply a vaccine tailored to the current active strain each year.
Champagne all round there! Not for you, you’re paying for it …

The Academic advice is now swiftly changing to :
1. Protect the vulnerable
2. Let the virus spread, because it will anyway

Voila! Basically the Great Barrington Strategy !!

Hooray, at least they’ve got there eventually, two years late.

Now the politicians will have to give us back
our freedoms, but not just put them on ice
– until their next massive blunder.
If they don’t do it soon then protest very hard.

As the ‘A Team’ boss used to say
“I love it when a plan comes together”

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