Climate Change – Nothing To Worry About …

This Posts is based on the work of Dr John Christy who is a well established scientist, an expert in using radar from satellites to measure the temperature of the atmosphere. In this wonderfully clear presentation he demonstrates based on measurements that the propaganda on Climate Change regarding temperature rise, sea rise, hurricanes, tornados, disappearing glaciers and snow and a host of other issues is false. He gives the actual figures based on measurements made from satellites orbiting the earth. This data is verified and known to be accurate. His results have been presented to the US Congress many times and have not been refuted.

It is clear from his analysis that the official climate (UN) models, upon which Global Energy Policies are decided, are wildly and consistently inaccurate. Also the doomsday predictions of ice free polar regions, increased hurricanes and tornadoes etc are simply not evident.

He goes on to describe the political aspects of the current ‘actions’ to combat the ‘alleged’ warming and the devastating effect they will have on poorer countries.

This is a brilliant lecture with blindingly obvious conclusions;
unless you want to turn a blind eye in order to promote Political and/or Greed issues… A comprehensive debunking of everything ECO and ‘Green’.  Even cows are OK! Their methane ‘farts’ are broken down in a few days and have no discernible impact.  The Q&A with the Students at the end of the lecture is worth watching too.

So yet again it all comes down to the abuse of our emotions to coerce Public Opinion and manipulate the people. There is no justification for reducing carbon dioxide and the effects of current fuel usage have minimal measurable impact on the the Global Climate. The lecture was given over 6 years ago and its results still hold and still indicate that the official Climate models are simply not fit for purpose. They dramatically and consistently over estimate the effect of Carbon Dioxide on the climate.

Put simply: we are all being duped.

Now, if you still have some time and energy left here is another Youtube session with John Christy and a Michael Mann ‘apostle’.

John Christy – Defending His Position on Climate Change

As John Christy the scientist says –
“the essence of science it to have a theory about what you think is going on, then devising an experiment that would verify the theory is true – but only by making physical verifiable measurements that undeniably confirm the theory.

So any claim to ‘veracity’ based on ‘models’ is not science, its just opinion unless and until the results the model produces match reality. As we have seen in both Climate and Covid Infection modelling it can be wildly inaccurate UNLESS combined with science , ie correlated with and verified back to the theory with relevant physically measured data; and showing close agreement with it. Otherwise there is no ‘negative feedback’ loop to weed out theories that don’t fit with reality. This is how quality is continuously improved when the proper scientific method is followed.

This interview between a scientist and  ‘a climate change spokesperson’ is a walk over. Even though the spokesperson tries ‘every wriggle in the book’ the scientist’s answer is always the samelets verify the physically measured results against the ‘climate change models.  Of course, in every case they models are hopelessly wrong, they simply don’t verify against reality. 

Why?  Because they are based on opinions that are verifiably wrong.  In this case, unfortunately, a carefully crafted set of half-truths designed to promote wind and solar power globally and to get rich from the ‘replacement’ of the oil, gas and coal industries.

Its nice to have your belief in science confirmed independently based on physical measurements, in this case physics – the scientific nature of the physical world.

The science of Physics, combined with craftsmanship and investment, have made the modern world possible. Basing future policy on modelling that has been conclusively shown to be wildly inaccurate is stupid. The result is that even ‘Green’ Governments like Germany and Japan have quietly turned back to coal-fired and nuclear-fired power stations.

Net Zero is a dead slogan, and a dead duck.

Just a small crack in the dam of UN Climate Policies,
but from top to bottom and front to back …

Nature always wins in the end …

Oh, and yes, the real villain is pollution

But that’s a different discussion … for another day


  1. The next time I read a blog, Hopefully it doesnt fail me just as much as this one. I mean, Yes, it was my choice to read through, but I actually thought you would have something useful to say. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something that you could fix if you werent too busy searching for attention.

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