This is a little corner of the website where all kinds of odds and ends have gathered to delight you. It’s a sort of ‘lost and found’, a home for misfits and a well deserved resting place for bits of lonely information, quirky short videos and somewhere for all manner of strange things hang out. Welcome to Other Posts.

  • WordPress – The New Block Editor
    WordPress now offers the Block Editor as the main way to compose website designs. Now websites can be constructed from elements known as blocks, each block type having a specific function. You can think of blocks as elements of abstraction e.g. a paragraph, access to a file, a video player … The WordPress’s own online … Read more
  • 2022 Petition Against Blair Knighthood Tops 750,000
    Even Angus Scott, the originator of the petition, is staggered by how fast the signatures are piling up on the Petition against Tony Blair receiving the Order of the Garter, the highest honour in the land. Over 750,000 signatures in 5 days, and rising… Update 7th Jan 2022 The petition reached 1 million signatures ! … Read more
  • Welcome to the first Other Post – Just Mooning Around
    Welcome to the Posts on the Other category. Here is a wonderful short video recording a moonrise, followed by a full eclipse and then a moonset all in 34 seconds – and its real, not faked …Isn’t nature amazing! Just press the little triangle to set it going.