Stark Naked: The Woke Reformations

David Starkey is an historian, an academic, a commentator, a writer and a presenter of wonderfully insightful programs which make sense of events and situations by framing them in an historical context. He speaks plain English, and he speaks his mind. The Establishment Wokes hate him because his penetrating spotlight reveals their intellectual fragility and…… Continue reading Stark Naked: The Woke Reformations

How Woke Works and Why it’s Wrong

I just watched a clear interview with Calvin Robinson by Dr. Philip Kiszely in the series “The War On Our History – A Cultural Revolution”. You can find it at the end of this Post. It does us all the great service of taking “Wokeism” apart term by term, concept by concept, assumption by assumption and…… Continue reading How Woke Works and Why it’s Wrong

Great News! Great Danes!

Well its not often that you have your faith in human nature restored, but that happened a few days ago. If you’ve been following my musings you will know that my faith in most professional scientists, particularly Government, University and Institutional ones is very low. The performance of the UK Pandemic Modelling teams is a…… Continue reading Great News! Great Danes!

Covid-19 : This is one Angry Scotsman

Just a quick Post. You probably remember this gentle Scotsman from the BBC documentary called Coast, a wonderful trip around the perimeter of our Sceptred Isles. Well now he is a very angry man. I will not steal his thunder, this is a 24 carat rant … Neil Oliver … stand well back ……… Continue reading Covid-19 : This is one Angry Scotsman

Covid-19 Facts – Without Censorship

Tony Heller has been persistently reporting scientific abuse, anomalies and outright fraud for over 12 years. He is a well respected Scientist and Engineer of the ‘old school’. That means he goes back to fundamentals and relies on verifiable physical evidence to make judgements and evaluations rather than unverified conjecture, modelling and simulations – which…… Continue reading Covid-19 Facts – Without Censorship