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We DO live in exciting times don’t we!
One of the main reasons this Contrarian started this site was to expose the naked fraud and censorship being imposed on Science. Poor science has been the battered victim of the Pandemic, mainly due to a Globalist endeavour by Policitians, Oligarchs and Big Pharma working in tandem to get more control of our destinies and ensure we are put firmly in our places as their servants. I do not assert this lightly.

Progress in science and the application of science has transformed all of our lives. We have reached a point now where a few ‘self appointed’ and ‘self annointed’ elites have sought to take control of Societies around the world to their own selfish advantage. This includes the organisations set up to prevent just that, such as the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and Scientific Institutions and Journals.

What these people have done is to cause people to no longer trust “the Science”, simply because “the Science” that has been used has been a bastardised shadow of what real science is about.
So we now no longer have faith in the very Institutions that should be the bastions of Scientific integrity. Big Pharma, the Politicians and the Oligarchs have squandered the trust of the Public for their own petty gain.

The lecture below from Hillsdale College, a University near Washington USA, is part of a fight back by scientists who have retained their integrity and wish for science and its applications to be shared for the good of humankind. In this lecture the path of politicisation of science during the Pandemic is analysed in the hope and belief that exposure of the deeds and techniques used will help to avoid their future impact and use. This Contrarian will also be pursuing a similar line of exposure of massive fraud and misrepresentation in the area of ‘Climate Change’. This is just another prong of the elitist attack on our fundamental freedoms by a powerful clique of Politicians and Oligarchs.

From the start the WHO made claims that Covid-19 infections were far more deadly than was actually the case. Backed up by computer modellers who substituted ‘forecasts’, based on poor models and false assumptions, for reality to produce extreme predictions of fatalities. The Politicians then used these results, as if true, to frighten the populations into subservience. This was amplified by the new pop stars “Public Health Leaders” like Dr Chris Whitty and the flames then fanned by Social media … The result has been a huge disaster.

The Claims made about the virus were:
1. It has a far higher fatality rate than the flu by several orders of magnitude,
2. Everyone has a significant risk of dying.
3. No one has immunity because this was new (“novel”).
4. Everyone is dangerous and spreads infection
5. Asymptomatic people are major drivers of the spread.
6. Locking down – closing schools and businesses, confining people
to their homes, stopping non-COVID medical care, and
eliminating travel – will stop/eliminate the virus,
7. Masks will protect everyone and stop the spread.
8. Immune protection is only from a vaccine,

All of those claims were false, some to a lesser degree than others of course. But the impression was given and general panic was induced by the Politicians, globally in a loosely coordinated way.

In the aftermath the blame game has started. Unsurprisingly there is currently
“an Orwellian attempt by the lockdown advocates to blame the people who were opposed to what was implemented for the failure of what they advised and was implemented” [forced on the population].

There has also been widespread use of the “Cancel Culture via Social Media and Youtube’s censorship to try to silence any non-approved mainstream opinions or discussion. The shoddy treatment of the Barrington Declaration team (and over a million signatories) provides a textbook example. Somewhat ironic as their proposal has in effect been imposed on the world by the nature of the Omicron virus (highly transmissible, relative innocuous effects, strain BA2).

The video examines the evidence used by the Elites and the veracity of their techniques and use of ‘science’. As expected much of the evidence was thin to non-existent and the techniques at best questionable, at worse downright unreliable, inaccurate, misleading and dangerous to Public Health, e.g. PCR testing.

Closing schools and using ‘on-line’ learning were unnecessary and extremely harmful, particularly to working class families. A major loss was learning about socialisation which will haunt us for decades. The list goes on and on … substance abuse, eating disorders, suicides …

There is a good analysis of the damage done to individuals, societies and economies by Lockdown [26 minutes into the video]. They did not reduce deaths due to Covid, indeed they prolonged to Pandemic. In many cases they promoted infection by confining people together indoors. So called ‘excess deaths’ (above an average year).
To get the full picture with all the original official sources of the data please watch this presentation.

The SARS2 Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail? | Scott Atlas | Academy for Science & Freedom currently (2022/01/31) on YouTube at I have given the title just in case Youtube pull this video down. It will then appear on other non-censored platforms.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Use of Science in the Covid-19 Pandemic

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