Welcome to the medical category. First lets be clear I’m not medically qualified so my posts will just be observations on innovations and anomalies. The introduction of political control as the dominating force in Public Health monitoring and provision has been somewhat of a disaster. There will be posts covering Covid-19, Global pandemic policy (UN downwards), the lockdown catastrophe and its broad range of costs and the push towards enforcement of mass compliance. So you can see there are 2 levels here, the medical context and its policies and facts and the political context. In general we will champion the beleaguered and battered citizens, often the hapless victims of incompetence … here are the latest Posts …

  • The Censorship of Science
    It is a sad day when you have to sit down and write a Post about corruption in science. In my naive and idealistic way I thought science was about enlightenment, debate, the fair competition of ideas and promotion of understanding and that the ‘Scientific Method’ was widely accepted as the gold standard for exploring … Read more
  • Covid-19 and Censorship by High Tech Oligarchs
    It’s pretty well known by now that channels like YouTube are continually monitoring content and self censoring to ensure it remains within their “Community Guidelines”. That is, anything they don’t like or doesn’t fit in with their business model gets removed, i.e. censored. Many commentators have left Youtube for other outlets such as Odyssey which … Read more
  • What Resilience? #1
    British Telecom are about to turn off the communication link of last resort for thousands, if not millions of people in the UK. And with the OFCOM’s Regulator’s blessing!! Complete and utter Madness. The existing system works with analogue audio and phone power coming down each phone line from the exchange. When there is a … Read more
  • Lockdowns Don’t Save Lives – But Do Have Massive Costs
    Johns Hopkins University in the USA have just published (Jan 2022) a research paper which has caused quite a stir A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality This is a paper that focuses on the economic factors rather than medical factors affecting mortality. Its main conclusions are as follows:“Overall, … Read more
  • Great News! Great Danes!
    Well its not often that you have your faith in human nature restored, but that happened a few days ago. If you’ve been following my musings you will know that my faith in most professional scientists, particularly Government, University and Institutional ones is very low. The performance of the UK Pandemic Modelling teams is a … Read more