A Good Way to Internalise Music

A Good Way to Internalise Music If you wish to play your instrument and make music more naturally and fluently then please invest 30 minutes of your life watching the video below by Dan Bennett about his concept of ‘Water Pianism’.  He gives a masterclass about the Water Pianism approach to internalising music and learning…… Continue reading A Good Way to Internalise Music

The Oakwood Guidelines

Just a ‘heads up’ that I just Posted a feature on the Oakwood Guidelines. It was a private conference held in 1993 to discuss how to further the language Oberon. You’ll find it in Inventions -> My Projects

Music Text Form

If you are looking for a way to write down chord charts and melodies in a compact way then look no further. Just go to the the Inventions tab on the menu and look for Music Text Form in the list of inventions and click the link. I hope it is useful for you and…… Continue reading Music Text Form