The Coachmen

The Coachmen group was formed from 2 groups – Stuart and Roger from the Manchester University group The Coachmen and Brian Kirk and Roger (aka Rod) Kent from the Sinner Men at Salford University. The merger was hurried as a Tour had been booked for the famous Nalen Club in Stockholm during the University winter holidays.

We played there for a month with a host of British Bands such as Brian Poole and the Tremolos and The Hep Stars and The Hootenanny Singers lead by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus later of ABBA. We also played at the Prison when the Club was closed, the prisoners were our best ever ‘captivated’ audience. We then toured the ‘folk parks’ in the lovely Swedish Summers, and then back to the Nalen.

The Album “When the Peace Has Come” was recorded ‘live in the studio’ in a single day and released on Decca LK4739.
Recorded in Sweden at the Decca Studios near to Stockholm in 1965, © 1965 – 2022 The Coachmen. Half of the songs on the album were written by Brian Kirk and Roger Kent.
Engineers: Rune Andreasson and Bjorn Almstedt

The Album Cover

Clockwise from top: Brian Kirk, Roger Drew, Stuart Bradbury, Roger(Rod) Kent
Decca LK4739 – Notes in Swedish and English

The Tracks S=side T=track

S1 T1 Four Jolly Coachmen
A traditional drinking song
S1 T2 – My Way
by Brian Kirk & Roger Kent
S1 T3 – Five Hundred Miles
Traditional arranged by Coachmen
S1 T5 – The Sun Is Burning
by Ewan Mc Coll aka James Miller
S1 T7 – When The Peace Has Come
by Brian Kirk and Roger Kent
S1 T4 – There Our Fortune Lies
by Brian Kirk & Roger Kent
S1 T6 – Walking Down This Road To My Town – Kingston Trio
S2 T1 – Poor Wayfaring Stranger – Traditional arranged by Coachmen
S2 T2 – Dirty Old Town
by Ewan Mc Coll aka James Miller
S2 T3 – Pastures of Plenty
by Woodie Guthrie
S2 T4 – Carlos Domingez
by Paul Simon
S2 T5 – Hey Where You Going
by Brian Kirk and Roger Kent
S2 T6 – The Graal Bell
by Brian Kirk and Roger Kent
S2 T7 – I Live on the Land
by Brian Kirk and Roger Kent