ClimateCon #1 – Words and Meanings

What is ClimateCon?

Well in a nutshell it’s an embodiment of my outrage about the huge ‘con’ and outright fraud surrounding ‘Climate Change’. There will be a series of Posts exposing the web of fraud that underpins the current massive project to persuade you that there is a ‘Climate Crisis’. The good news is – there isn’t one.

In this first Post I’ll clarify some of the words being used and there intended meanings in this series of Posts. First let’s get one thing straight, I’m not a ‘conspiracy theorist’. The arguments I shall use are scientific, that is, based on physical measurements that can be verified. Most of the data will be taken from the public record and its sources acknowledged. You will not find climate models here, they are at best works of fiction and conjecture. We can’t reliably forecast the weather a month ahead, never mind the climate in 50 years time! I shall be relying on the evidence provided by many other people interested in the evolution of the Climate, when I use or quote their material I will acknowledge the fact.

Climate gate – this is the systematic organised fraud amongst the academic community using data tampering and propaganda techniques to misinform the public about the nature of the Climate as it changes.   Here is the link to the Wikipedia entry describing it, but bear in mind that Wikipedia is continuously being ‘santised’ by the Climate Gaters themselves! Wikipedia, in my opinion, is about as independent, accurate and fact checked as our Mother’s testimonials about our talents.

By the way, if you don’t believe me there is an interview with Wikipedia’s cofounder Larry Sanger on Youtube in which he gives is current opinion, he is a disappointed man. Note that Youtube now puts a warning under any videos that go against its ‘editorial policy’, these are often Wikipedia references, i.e. the Oligarchy Establishment view.

Larry Sanger Interviewed About Wikipedia’s Veracity

Academics involved in the ClimateGate scandal have been accused of systematic fraud and faking  of research results. Derogatory terms like “Climate Deniers” were introduced by the scientific establishment and the major interested parties to belittle and try to discredit anyone who does not conform to the Climate Mafia’s assertions.

The now notorious awarding of a Nobel Prize to Vice President Al Gore  and his film “An Inconvenient Truth” has provided a benchmark for misrepresentation of scientific fact, even the title is an oxymoron. The key feature being his claim that Carbon Dioxide concentration in the atmosphere drives global temperature levels. In fact the ice core data of thousands of years of history provides physical evidence of exactly the opposite effect. Any rise in temperature of the planet (due to radiation received from the sun) causes the ocean to release CO2 and increase its concentration in the atmosphere. This is due to the chemistry of CO2 dissolved in water, it becomes less soluble as the water temperature rises so releases the CO2 into the atmosphere. This is why for example sparkling wine continues to release bubbles as it warms up in the wine glass. Voila, the secret of Champagne!

The real issue here is data tampering generally achieved by ‘selective statistics’ – deliberately missing out data that does fit the thesis being asserted, or just plain old fudging. I will be giving examples of both. The Climate Gate group and their collaborators in NASA and NOAA are masters of deception when it comes to selective statistics. This will be clearly demonstrated in the Posts that follow.

I am not a Climate Denier – a stupid insult if you consider reality – the Climate is here to stay !!! It can’t go away !!!

Global warming was the original name of the ‘Climate fear’ campaign – but after a ten year run of no global average warming the establishment moved on to ‘Climate Change’ – the scientific records and fossil records of course show wild variation in climate over the Millenia. If it’s NOT changing we will all die soon afterwards!

All the UN and Government activities are focused on the claim that the increase on average global temperatures is primarily due to ‘human made climate change’ universally based on CO2 emissions from industry, forest fires, burning fossil fuels etc (coal, petrol – carbon compounds that have been stored by the planet naturally)

They claim the science is done – no dissent can allowed or tolerated. But that’s not how real science works. For example Galileo asserted that the Earth is not the centre of the universe and Newton proposed how Gravity works and the Einstein came up with a more accurate gravitational model based on different concepts. Each one not a “denier” but instead providing additional clarity and a refined understanding, based on verifiable observation of measurements.

There are two unfortunate undercurrents running

  1. A cabal of oligarchs who are attempting to gain control of global energy supply (the renewable energy movement, solar panels, windmills …)
  2. Electrification of everything so it can be controlled (price, availability, amount, deliberate denial of service …). We see the start of this with the push for “Smart Meters” in all homes – literally the means for controlling the supply and cost of electricity per individual consumer.

In ClimateCon #2 we will explore the amazing polar ice cap, which stoically refuses to melt and disappear despite all the super-computer models predicting it should have done years ago. Ah well …


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