Great Barrington was right!

Well we have a tsunami of economic grief and millions of deaths world-wide based on the poor advice of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation. They advised against relying on Natural Immunity as a contributor to managing the Pandemic and by changing their official definitions of an epidemic/pandemic pushed all Governments into the welcoming arms of the vaccine suppliers.

This happened conveniently after the publication of the Great Barrington Declaration which is a proposed policy for managing the Pandemic. The basic idea proposed is to provide focused protection for the vulnerable and allow the disease to spread naturally through the non-vulnerable part of the population to create a natural herd immunity. This is basically the strategy that had been normal and recommended for tackling pandemics before 2020. In the case of Covid-19 this makes a lot of sense as this disease attacks the over 70’s, particularly people suffering from other diseases, whilst having relatively mild symptom in those less than 70 and without additional diseases. Here is a link to the video:

Great Barrington Declaration Interview

Visit the Great Barrington Declaration website at

It has been signed by over 916,000 Health Workers, Doctors and Epidemiologists. So it’s not the work of some misguided minority!

The third originator of the declaration is Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University. Here is an interview with her about lockdowns and their damaging effects such as the prolonging the Pandemic.

The present Pandemic strategy of the Government (December 2021) is based on fear with continual threats of worst case outcomes. The public will increasingly subvert that strategy as they get poorer, their businesses go bankrupt and the overall population’s health from all the non Covid-19 causes drags the Country down.