Welcome to the Treatments page. It serves mainly as a specialised blog on treatments for a wide range of conditions. By ‘treatment’ we mean any course of action that is aimed at avoiding, preventing, mitigating, curing or managing the effect(s) of a specific disease. The aim here is to inform about treatments of current interest. The blog is listed below.

  • The Censorship of Science
    It is a sad day when you have to sit down and write a Post about corruption in science. In my naive and idealistic way I thought science was about enlightenment, debate, the fair competition of ideas and promotion of understanding and that the ‘Scientific Method’ was widely accepted as the gold standard for exploring … Read more
  • Covid-19 and Censorship by High Tech Oligarchs
    It’s pretty well known by now that channels like YouTube are continually monitoring content and self censoring to ensure it remains within their “Community Guidelines”. That is, anything they don’t like or doesn’t fit in with their business model gets removed, i.e. censored. Many commentators have left Youtube for other outlets such as Odyssey which … Read more
  • Covid-19 : WHEN to get Omicron
    I am delighted to make this Post about a video by Dr John Campbell, it contains excellent news. Here you will find a clear review of the impact of Omicron. Why the effectiveness of vaccines is rapidly waning and the advantages of having the Omicron variant of the disease. He gives a clear lifecycle of … Read more
  • A Contrarian View : Fever, Fluids and Food During Acute Infections
    Here is a fascinating discussion between our stalwart Dr John Campbell and the delightfully laconic Stephen A Hoption Cann PhD who is the Clinical Professor in the School of Population & Public Health Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. After studying the way all the other members of the mammal family behave … Read more
  • Covid-19 – New Strategy Long Overdue
    Time has moved on and a new Covid-19 variant has moved in, Omicron. Although this is far more transmissible the severity of the illness it causes is very much reduced compared with previous strains. Now is the time to change the National Health Strategy to start treating the people who do not have Covid-19 proportionately. … Read more