Covid-19 : Vaccine Passes Don’t Work

Well, that’s just one of the startling things that come out of this interview with Prof Cyril Cohen, an immunology scientist advising the Israeli Government. Israel was initially thought to be doing well, using draconian Lockdowns, closing their borders and vaccinating a high proportion of the population. Even so Covid-19 infections continued and they have now had 4 jabs per person.

Freddie Sayers and Prof Cyril Cohen

Their new strategy is different, they have realised that the Omicron strain of the virus was so transmissible that it was futile to try to control its spread with blunderbuss expensive techniques like “Test, Trace and Isolate”. They had to let the infection rip whilst protecting the vulnerable as best they could – you may recognise that as the Great Barrington strategy, so long poo-pooed by the mainstream Pharma-driven medical establishment.

It’s best you watch the video yourself and form your own opinion. Prof Cohen is candid, but watch his body language and caution when he is asked ‘sensitive’.

Here is my summary of the points that emerged from the interview:

  1. Israelis have now realised that people with Natural Immunity (acquired from having been infected with Covid-19) have some advantages over the vaccinated
  2. So called Green Passes (LOL) or Vaccine Passports are no longer effective in the era of Omicron. Vaccinated people can still become infected and the transmissibility of Omicron is so high that Passports have become worthlessly ineffective as a disease control measure.
  3. The vaccines we have currently do not prevent transmission of infection by the infected
  4. The Omicron ‘wave’ will only end when the Population (aka Herd) have been exposed to infection
  5. The more a population is exposed to a Pandemic then the more they become resistant, their Natural Immunity becomes activated and eventually they, together, reach Herd Immunity.
  6. Also in Israel the blackmail chestnut “you must take our scientific advice otherwise the Hospitals will be over run” was used. Well the ‘Scientists’ basically got it wrong, with terrible consequences.
  7. Omicron being much more mild in its effect has saved the day.
    But this was known from South African studies already.
  8. Mainstream science ignored the effect of Natural Immunity and Herd Immunity, it became almost a taboo subject.
    (But the only way the Pandemic will end, and it has!)
  9. The Omicron strain of Covid19 has made it ‘endemic’ (in Israel and the UK). So it should now just be treated as a chronic infection, similar in nature to influenza.
  10. Quote
    “If you mix Politics with Public Health then the result is Politics”
  11. What mistakes were made?
    a) “lockdowns may occasionally be needed in very extreme circumstances”.
    In reality they did huge amounts of social, financial and medical harm.
    b) people in general will automatically change their behaviour to protect themselves and their local groups
    c) Quote “We should not have touched education”
    This was unnecessary as children could have gained Natural Immunity. The real issue was how to protect the vulnerable at the same time.
    d) a quotation from the scriptures
    “Prophesy was a gift to the fools”
    In this case the Governments and Politicians.

This Contrarian thinks that real scientists would have known better than to try to prophesise the future of a chaotic Pandemic. They should not have used blackmail tactics (over run Hospitals) to help Politicians to misguide the Public by using fear.

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