Meta Me

Hello and welcome to the Meta Me Category of Posts. It includes various bits of ephemera that I have collected or just caught my eye. You’ll find Cartoons, Poems and Quotations to amuse and delight you. There are very biased micro biographies of my Mentors – those generous should who usually unwittingly change the course of our lives. Thank goodness for serendipity.
If I’ve had the time and inclination

Trees fall the way they lean
Be careful which way you lean”

Dr Seuss

I may tempt you with some “Nice One Day” possibilities, expectations or fantasies …

  • Q&A #5: How can I get the most out of Exams ?
    There has been a lot of hype about taking Exams recently due to the disruption caused by the Covid panic over the last 2 years. There is just no need to be worried about taking exams as long as you realise what they are about and how to do the best you can with what … Read more
  • Mentors : David Kynaston at Philips – Pye Unicam
    Way back in 1976 I was very very fortunate to meet and work for David Kynaston. He was the Managing Director of Pye Unicam Ltd, a company owned by the Dutch Philips company. Pye Unicam was in a ‘sorry state’, quite run down and steeped in it’s past. David had come in to revive the … Read more
  • Q&A #4 : How Can I Improve My Self Confidence?
    Query from UKP : I keep running out of confidence at work and at home and particularly if I want to do something new. How can I get over this? Answer : Hi UKP, here are some ideas to get you started, all involve practicing a few simple skills. Don’t try them all at once, … Read more
  • The Wisdom of Milton Glaser
    Who on earth is Milton Glaser I hear you say ? He is the veteran graphic designer who created the famous and economical design used on billions of pieces of merchandise. You can find more wonderful designs on his website But the real reason for the Post is to pass on his ‘Ten things … Read more
  • RIP Barry Cryer – A Comic Gem
     Barry Cryer – A Celebration This is a personal appreciation written by comedy writer, producer, performer and novelist Dave Cohen. Barry Cryer spent more than six decades as one of the most sought-after joke writers in the business. He began his career working in the comedy shows that took place between the acts at London’s … Read more