This page is all about Musical Instruments whether they be Real Physical Instruments, like a trumpet of double bass, software emulations of Real Instruments or entirely new Synthesisers which create previously unheard sounds.

We live in a revolutionary time because the means of playing and instrument is becoming separated from the sound of the Instrument itself. For example it could take years to master the fingerings of the the bass clarinet and saxophone, but now it is possible to play an emulation of either (or both!) of these instruments on a MIDI keyboard, like a piano. This has opened up the world for musicians and unleashed enormous creativity.

  • A Good Way to Internalise Music
    A Good Way to Internalise Music If you wish to play your instrument and make music more naturally and fluently then please invest 30 minutes of your life watching the video below by Dan Bennett about his concept of ‘Water Pianism’.  He gives a masterclass about the Water Pianism approach to internalising music and learning … Read more
  • Bass Playing with Better Timing
    Here are some tips for better timekeeping on gigs: Always Remember Your FunctionAs the bass player we have 3 main functions – to provide the harmonic anchor to the chord form of the tune/song – to provide the timing/groove reference and cues for the band whilst complementing the drummer – to provide a natural continuity … Read more
  • Getting a Good Double Bass Sound
    This Post is really aimed at people just starting out with the Double Bass. It could also be used by more experienced players for ideas on practicing, with the aim of improving the sound and projection on your bass. You might also like to download the Double Bass String Survival Guide from D’Addario, there is … Read more

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