ClimateCon #2 Climate Propaganda: Data Fraud and Abuse Using Fear

Did you know that currently we have the highest Arctic Sea Ice coverage since 2003? Also that the harrowing ‘Polar Bears Starvation’ story was a carefully choreographed hoax ? The main cause of stress to the bear’s population was by culling for furs; now that’s been stopped the Polar Bear’s population has recovered rapidly. Surprise! The ice hasn’t all melted contrary to the consensus of con-sters, including Al Gore in his speech accepting the Nobel Prize. But do we see retractions from David Attenborough and the BBC for their gross mis-information on prime time television? In a word – NO.

Do we hear apologies from them to all the children they have frightened so effectively and deliberately? – NO.

So much for the integrity of the Father of Climate Change Propaganda – as I think of him.  Attenborough’s wavering voice, laden with emotionally anthropomorphic doom, cuts no ice with me.

The Climate Frausters try to hide behind the idea of the ‘Consensus of Science’ –  the mistaken assertion that if many people believe in something it must be true, and worse still nothing else need even be considered. Such arrogance!!!  Its just a lazy way to avoid debate by asserting that any reason for dissent would be invalid anyway.  Using a presumed Consensus such as  “Climate Change is due primarily to Human caused effects”, hoping this will be accepted as truth. It is simply propaganda and intellectual bullying.

Worse still providing material for the school curriculum based on these dubious sources amounts to “social engineering”. The real aim is to remove money directly from your wallet and put it in someone else’s. If you don’t believe me look at your Gas bill, in fact look at all your utility bills to see the ECO stealth taxes being stolen from you and finding its way to the Politicians and Oligarchy classes. 

The greatest scientists are the ones who simply set aside the currently fashionable scientific consensus and introduced new better theories and explanations which could be verified by others e.g. Galileo on the Earth not being the centre of the solar system; Newton on Gravity and the Laws of Motion; Einstein for his revolutionary and radically more accurate theory of gravity based on Relativity. They are examples of individuals who ignored the current consensus and were brave enough to think independently based on verifiable experiments and results.

Data Fraud

Tony Heller’s video below is a clear and detailed rebuttal of the ClimateCons mafia and their confused “consensus”. The great sadness is that this has involved corruption in Academia and the Government Scientific Institutions that we all pay for.

The History of the Climate Con


Here is a brief analysis about how the BBC and David Attenborough have embraced a new role as human caused Climate Change propagandists, rather than follow the tenets of the BBC Charter. Inform-educate-entertain.

This video clearly illustrates to me the downward trend in the integrity of the BBC and of David Attenborough himself, shame on them. It also charts the way for them to damage the mental health of a whole generation of children by using psychologically disturbing images out of context to catastrophise their vision of their future. Greta Grunberg is a prime example, she is either a brilliant actress or badly damaged by the maelstrom of negativity she has been taught to communicate during her childhood. At least she had the sense to stay outside the COP26 Hall and protest in the street. Here even in this video she is even manipulated after the fact by David Attenborough to justify the damage already done, and made evident by her and her actions.

And here is a nice example of propaganda attempting to brand any dissent of opinion as “Climate Deniers”, a phrase modelled on the term “Holocaust Deniers” and no doubt intended to carry through some of the stigma duly associated with that term.

So there we have it, the smooth operators of the Establishment being willing to compromise the wellbeing of a generation of children for a ‘mess of potage’ and some spurious ECO awards and publicity. The only way to push back against this propaganda is to assert and demonstrate that it is very very unlikely to have any foundation in facts. That’s what this website is all about.

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