2022 – A New Year Dishonoured

 A New Year’s Dishonour? What could that be?
Well as I see it the decision to glorify someone who most definitely should be handled at arms length, if at all.

Let’s see if we can guess who it is, as they did with Dr David Kelly RIP

Q1. Was he a previous Prime Minister? Tick
Q2. Do many people consider him to be a War Criminal ? Tick
Q3. Did he have an assistant called Alistair Campbell? Tick
Q4. Was a Dodgy Dossier involved? Tick
Q5. Did he contribute to the death of Scientist Dr David Kelly? Tick
Q6. Did Dr Kelly die in suspicious circumstances? Tick
Q7. Were any Weapons of Mass Destruction found in IRAQ? No Tick
Q7. Was he related to Lionel Blair? No Tick

In memory of just one of the victims


May this ‘honoured’ man may wash his hands for eternity,
while the blood stain will forever remain

A Risible Knight Companion of the
Most Noble Order of the Garter

A disgraceful abuse of the term ‘honour

So here’s is the bottom line …

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