Vitamin D3 – Much to Gain Little to Loose

In November 2021 the Government sent out a packet of Vitamin D to each member of the most vulnerable sections of the population. Presumably this was to help them avoid getting Covid-19 or to mitigate its effects. So that set me off looking for some background on the Medical aspects of Vitamin D and also the overall societal benefits it might bring in the longer term. I also wanted to know whether it was worth taking and what the dose would be for it to be effective.

The first video is by a physician Dr. Jin W. Sung. of the USA. He goes through the kinds of Vitamin D, what is available easily over the counter, how to measure the level of it in your body and what dose to take. Of course the normal caveats apply about informing your Doctor and seeking advice. However our bodies are very tolerant to Vitamin D so if your follow the advice in the video you should be OK. Vitamin D3, the one you need, is low cost – you can also find it mixed with Vitamin K which helps your body absorb the Vitamin D more efficiently.

This is not advertising but … the Vitamin D3 I take is from Simply Supplements, here’s a link. I have no commercial relations with them.

Dr. Jin W. Sung

This second video is a case of “now for something completely different” . It’s an interview between The MP David Davis and the medical pundit Dr. John Campbell who runs a Youtube channel dedicated to explaining current issues in lay person’s terms. It’s a long interview of about 80 minutes but well worth a listen. The great surprise is that David Davis is scientifically literate, up to date and keen to improve things. Needless to say he’s a great fan of Vitamin D.

David Davis and John Campbell on Vitamin D

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