COPout #2 – The Inconvenient Truth about “Renewables”

Well COP26 came and went, interest seemed to wain rapidly when it became clear that the great cash out (100 Billion Dollars a Year!!) wasn’t going to happen. Anyway there is always next year, another jet fuelled junket for the Climatariat so they can feast on their rhetoric.

But what if COP26 was taken seriously and everyone did their ECO bit diligently. Surely everything would be clean and bright and hunky dory wouldn’t it? Hmmm … but where would all the materials come from to make all those lovely mammoth bird killing windmills and all the solar cells. This short film will give you an idea of the devastation required to make the ECO fantasy come true. If I were you I’d be buying shares in mining companies! Yes, for coal and minerals …

The film is called Unobtainium which is a term derived in the 1950’s and used in engineering for any hypothetical, fictional, or impossible source materials. It can also mean a tangible but extremely rare, costly, or reasonably unobtainable material or to a device with desirable engineering properties for an application, but which are exceedingly difficult or impossible to achieve. Thanks to for producing this video, it is offered on a Fair Use Copyright basis.

Unobtainium – Resourcing he Key Ingredient of Renewables

Now just imagine if there is a continued push to ‘Renewables’. At the moment only about 3% of energy is generated using them – a vast cost to the ECO system for about 20 years worth of energy at huge upfront subsidised (by you) costs and with poor reliability and resilience. Now say we try to increase that to 30% of energy being ‘renewables’. Having watched the film you may realise that would involve mining a major portion of the planet. Not very ECOnomical.

The moral of the story?
Look at the ECO costs of ECO projects in the short and longer term before crowing about a ‘renewables’ revolution. Using them on a wide scale would turn the planet into a vast open cast desert.
Perhaps COP27 will address these issues, don’t hold you breath!

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