Covid-19 Facts – Without Censorship

Tony Heller has been persistently reporting scientific abuse, anomalies and outright fraud for over 12 years. He is a well respected Scientist and Engineer of the ‘old school’. That means he goes back to fundamentals and relies on verifiable physical evidence to make judgements and evaluations rather than unverified conjecture, modelling and simulations – which can of course be easily manipulated.  Initially he was on Youtube and built up over 100,00 followers. He focused on exposing corruption by Big Pharma and Corporates and the sheer incompetence of Government policies and actions, often corrupted by political interference. 

Youtube, being owned by the Tech Oligarchs, has become very censorious during 2021, they also started putting “counter” articles next to videos it doesn’t approve of.  SO Tony is now publishing on several other sites which still support free speech and civic action. His videos on Youtube are now mainly just ‘signposts’ to the full video on other platforms which still support free speech.

This video is about the success in coping with Covid without vaccination (sample size 200 million) and problems with fully vaccinated populations becoming widely infected. Its on the Rumble platform, they permit free speech. As you will see things are not quite as you are being told in the Western Media!

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