Q&A #4 : How Can I Improve My Self Confidence?

Query from UKP : I keep running out of confidence at work and at home and particularly if I want to do something new. How can I get over this?

Answer : Hi UKP, here are some ideas to get you started, all involve practicing a few simple skills. Don’t try them all at once, introduce them gently

  1. Repeat, Repeat Repeat, so you learn to build up persistence
  2. Self Talk – realise we naturally have negative self talk – we need learn to always give ourselves positive self talk and images to work with
  3. Realise the truth of :
    I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate …
  4. Get away from any and all negative influences,
    start by turning the off all News programs and feeds
  5. Stop negative self talking, it creeps in everywhere and harms you
  6. Build self confidence by ignoring what has gone wrong,
    mention someone else who got it right
  7. Catch people doing good and praise them …
  8. Self confident people have their ‘own perception’ of reality
  9. No one will believe in you unless you believe in you!
  10. Smile, if someone pays you a complement just say “Thank you !”

Here is a video that covers this topic in a little more detail :

Improving your self-confidence

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