Climate Con #3 : A Tale of Two Olympics – Pure Propaganda

The Climate Con machine has really excelled itself with the Olympics in Bejing 2022. The Chinese Communist Party decided to create the Winter Olympic near to Beijing, so convenient for everyone. No matter that the location was in a desert (less to clear) and had a climate normally without rain or snow in winter (a trivial detail !) it gave the hosts the excuse to show their “Green” credentials. The fact that no snow fell was attributed to (fanfare) “Climate Change”, even though it wasn’t. What a fine way to divert the World’s attention from promoting ethnic slavery on a massive scale and their construction of a new Coal-fired Power Station every week on average. Here’s an official picture of the Olympic location courtesy of Google, who even obliged by colouring the desert green !

Olympic Location 2022
S’no Snow in Beijing 2022

and the Annual Weather Report doesn’t look too promising …

Annual Weather Beijing
Winter Snow – Where?

Here’s a video from Tony Heller comparing the real climate warming of the 1930s, when human-made CO2 didn’t exist, with current much colder climate conditions in the USA now. By contrast the current Beijing Olympics has to rely totally on artificially made snow (so energy efficient and Green) and all for Climate Propaganda reasons. You know it makes sense … don’t you?
Here’s a link to his video.

Oh, and remember The International Olympic Committee officially say that it’s now OK to allow doped Russian children to compete after a positive drug test … after all they are Communists, so that’s alright then. And when the poor girl messed up her Gold Medal attempt and failed due to the huge pressure she was under she was publicly spurned and admonished by her Soviet style Coaches on International TV. Nice country Russia so inclusive, kind, considerate, compassionate … so Kalashnikov!
So its free Chinese Take-Aways and Caviar for life for the International Olympic Committee perhaps?


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