Covid-19 : The Tide is Turning

They should have listened to King Kanute and followed his example; look at reality every day. He took his Courtiers to the edge of the sea to demonstrate that he could not control the tides. He got his feet wet to prove it. Smart guy.

Here is a brief article from the Times, the first of many that will seek explanation of the dreadful quality of the levels of infection and awful advice from the Medical Establishment on what to do.
The picture of two swings in a children’s play area chained and padlocked seems to sum up the whole of the last 2 years of confused priorities and befuddled panic.

Here is the link to the article

Science is about having a theoretical model (hypothesis) and testing it by carefully designed experiments against carefully measured reality. If the results match then the hypothesis MAY be true. If they don’t then the hypothesis is wrong.

Over the past few decades the Pandemic ‘managers’ and the Climate Change ‘managers’ have made the same mistake – they haven’t verified their models against reality to see if the results are credible. In both of these cases the hypothese have been easily demonstrated to be obviously by just referring to measured real data that was available at the time..
(Thank you to Tony Heller and Dr James Campbell, real scientists).

Vested interests have ensured the deception has been continually and consistently applied. Many people got very rich very quickly.

Thankfully Boris realised in November 2021 he had been grossly misguided by the so called Government selected ‘Scientists’ and stopped taking their advice as definitive. Then with Omicron’ help 

‘Things could only get better’ Cue music …

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