Covid-19 : Jordan Peterson’s Review, Past and Future

Here is an interesting video of Jordan Peterson giving his opinions on how the Pandemic was handled by Governments. He like me was not impressed, hopefully you haven’t been either! It is a short and brilliantly neutral critique of the way the Pandemic has been mis-managed and how it has exposed other large scale agendas that were lurking under the surface, many leaning towards authoritarianism.

Jordan Peterson reflecting on the handling of the Pandemic

Some snippets:
“Politicians saying ‘follow the science’ is an abdication of their responsibility”

“The evidence that masks work is at least doubtful”

“To find one case of Covid you have to Lockdown a 1,000 people”

“The right solution to these problems is to be found at the level of the individual”

He then discusses the political aspects that are essential to make wise decisions regarding the future. He emphasises the importance of learning how to use a smart phone and understanding that it could be a path to authoritarianism (e.g. via a vaccine pass to limit your freedom). This trend is already seen in China, to monitor and control.

And at the end a wonderful warning against authoritarianism …
“if you are going to have a hydrogen bomb you’d better be wise enough to wield it”.Key point: rely on individuals to judge what to do for themselves

A wise man indeed …

And here as a bonus is Jordan Peterson’s mild rant
“It’s time to live”,
I couldn’t agree more !