Novak Djokovic : Game, Set and Match to the Vaccine Suppliers!

Thank goodness I’m not an Australian ! What a fine example of Politics trumping Common Sense. There seems to be a concerted effort at the highest levels (WHO, CDC USA, UN) to try to convince us all that we must be vaccinated, not just once but again and again and again and … Meanwhile Novak Djokovic is being deported because some Judges and Government Ministers say he is a threat to Public Health.

Let’s get something clear – if you have had Covid-19 without having had a vaccine beforehand then you develop Natural Immunity to the disease by producing antibodies that fight it . This does not mean you can’t catch it again and if you did you would also be capable of passing it on – presumably the Public Health risk being referred to by the Australian Establishment. BUT exactly the same is true if you have had a Covid-19 vaccination. You can still catch the disease and still pass it on. In both cases the immunity gradually fades, in Novak Djokovic’s case he had Covid-19 only months ago so his Natural Immunity will still be high. Keep in mind that vaccines are a relatively recent development for use on a global scale. Up until about 100 years ago human-kind only had Isolation and Natural Immunity as a defence to infectious diseases! That is perhaps why that strategy is the basis of the Great Barrington Declaration.

The Medical Establishment and Vaccine Producers (of course!!) are trying to discount the contribution of Natural Immunity gained by having been infected. They have even changed medical definitions to remove Natural Immunity as a contributor against future defence against infection. That way of course vaccines can be ‘justified’ to become mandatory for everyone! Big Pharma is happy again, Politicians thrive on the backwash – just look at the Politicians who have become multi-millionaires or even billionaires after crises like Covid-19. They also tend to be the frequent fliers to meetings like the World Economic Forum (Davos) and the COPs Jamborees!

It’s true that Novak Djokovic didn’t do himself any favours by trying to hide some facts that would have affected his visa and entry to Australia. However, the excuse being used to brand him as a threat to Public Health and deny him the chance to play in the Australian Open is a very hollow victory for the Establishment – the Contrarian thinks they will live to regret it a thousand times over. They have unwittingly strengthened the Anti-Vax Movement in Australia and World-wide and what for? The hope of a few more votes in the coming elections. Doah! Typically short sighted.

Australia is lose-lose what ever happens now.

Best of luck to Novak Djokovic this season when he will gain the title he has earned and really deserves.

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