What Resilience? #1

British Telecom are about to turn off the communication link of last resort for thousands, if not millions of people in the UK.
And with the OFCOM’s Regulator’s blessing!!
Complete and utter Madness.

The existing system works with analogue audio and phone power coming down each phone line from the exchange. When there is a power failure batteries and generators at the telephone exchange kick in to keep the phone system available without any local power in the home. Trust me there will be more and more frequent power failures as the Russia/Ukrainian/Europe situation deteriorates and the ‘Green’ reality of only daylight-time power on windy days takes hold.

Once again the better off people can protect themselves with small generators to keep the modern impractical domestic internet based systems alive. The less well off will simply be cut off.

Have our rulers never heard the phrase
“don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”
that’s precisely what they are doing
with everything on the single Internet

Our Government seems to have no resilience plan for the country. Planning to trash our fully working emergency communication system isn’t a good idea, particularly in a time of an adjacent War.
Importing vast amounts of food instead of growing isn’t either, we have that land but use inefficiently.
Shutting down our existing energy resources and importing our energy from dodgy Empires leaves us completely vulnerable and is hopelessly inefficient and vastly expensive.

Hello, hello … is anyone awake in Whitehall ?

You are sleepwalking into a life threatening
catastrophic situation
Stop, and think about resilience,
then change your policies, quickly!

Oh, afterthought … the Germans have a word for it


It means an ‘improvement’ that makes things worse

The late Patrick Hutber, an economist, captured it in a phrase

“Improvement means Deterioration”

In his honour this is now known as Hutber’s Law

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