Omicron: Oh yes it is – Oh no it isn’t !

Well the Government is still determined to scare the hell out of the population with the new pantomime ogre The OMICRON VARIANT. Their scientists are once again way off with their ‘modelling’ which as usual is worst-case even though this is incredibly unlikely to happen in reality for reasons explained in the video. So should we be worried? I believe not.

Here is a video by Freddie Sayers of Un Herd and Pieter Streicher PhD, a scientist from South Africa. They are a month or so ahead of us with the Omicron variant so it makes sense to get data from there (on a sample of 15 million person district). Right now the following is clear:
1. Omicron spreads a lot faster than the current Delta variant
2. People’s symptoms on catching Omicron are much milder
3. Hospitalisations a considerably less than for Delta and the average stay is only 2.8 days compared with 8.5 days for Delta.
4. The UK has the advantage of high vaccination level and anti-viral treatments that further reduce the risks in hospitalisation (80%)

You can find far more detail in the video here, its on Youtube.
Just click the little triangle in the centre of the picture to watch it.

Latest facts about the Omicron variant

This weakening of the effect of the virus combined with easier transmission is typical of viruses that have mutated to a more mature stage. With those properties, just like the common cold and influenza, they are likely to become just part of the normal mix of viruses that occur during the colder seasons. The vaccine designers and manufacturers are already working on a single annual jab,
much like or even part of, the annual flu vaccination.

There are good grounds for hope and certainly not any grounds for the panic stricken fear mongering tactics of the UK Government and its questionable “Scientists” addicted to extremely unlikely worst case scenarios.