Antitote to a Woke Attack

We Brits are a pretty poor at blowing our own trumpets – it just not in our nature. Thankfully every now and then someone pops up who does it well. I’m thinking of people like Alistair Cook or Andrew Neil.

Very rarely does someone shine a clear bright light on us as a Sovereign people. Very rarely are we appreciated for who we are, what we have achieved and our profound contributions to the world and the modern life of the majority of the people on the planet.

Lately we have suffered the slings and arrows of an old Marxist idea dressed up in a new disguise – Culturally Corrosive Wokeism.
This has the effect of having acid thrown into our collective faces.

Very very rarely does someone come along with a powerful cultural antidote to neutralise the poison and apply a soothing healing balm to repair the wounds. The alternative is war as in 1914-18, 1939-45 and almost continuous small wars mainly in Europe and the Arab World.

Jordan Peterson has done just that. Who could be better qualified? A man who has himself been through the fire. A man who has been burned and spurned by the full force of the Woke covens of Academia. A man who has emerged tempered, clearer, stronger and more determined than ever. Being “cancelled” by the Woke social media mobs has had precisely the opposite effect. Irony at its finest.

Here is a video that Jordan Peterson release recently, it’s entitled

“Why I Love Great Britain”

So many heartfelt thanks to Professor Peterson. Thank you for saying what we self deprecating Great British people just couldn’t and wouldn’t say for ourselves.

Thank you