Bye Bye Cash – Hello Currency You Never Own …

Caution: This post is just a little off the beaten track. It’s a red flag warning of danger ahead for MONEY, yes plain old MONEY.
The source is a little obscure, an Irish media company indulging in rather grandiose self promotion IMHO, so read on with that in mind.

Bye bye cash? Why?
Well because the monies (currencies) we are using now are just about past their sell by date. They are not backed by anything physically tangible like gold or diamonds, i.e. things that have intrinsic value because of scarcity, desirability or necessity. They are all “fiat” currencies based on entirely trust. Governments have given up budgeting, they now just pay their bills by taxing you as much as they can and by printing more money to cover their debts. Isn’t that simple!

The result is inflation, income staying more or less the same whilst the cost of living increases faster and faster. The net result is that savings and pension savings are devalued, in effect “absorbed” by the Government. No wonder the politicians are all smiling! You won’t be.

The most concerning aspect of this is that for Central Banks to manage our money (new digital money – no cash, nothing tangible) they will need us all to have digital passports. That could look like a credit card BUT it would enable the Government to
1. know everything about your spending, yes every item
2. be able to control everything about what you spend your credit on
3. track every detail of your life, where you spent the money

If you are in any doubt about this happening then look at China where their Central Bank digital currency is already becoming widespread.

Here’s an overview about what’s happening, its on NewTube by the way, a new platform that is less censorious than YouTube – that’s now heavily censored by the Tech Oligarchy. Here’s Melissa Cuimmei, an Irish independent Financial Advisor and pundit, talking on Ryland Media’s “Iconoclast Roundtable” program, you can find out more at
These are controversial views being expressed, more than bordering on Conspiracy Theory territory, but they may have an element of reality threaded through them … no smoke without fire …